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| January 11, 2012 | 19 Comments

In Temple Run there are 9 playable characters in the Apple mobile game at this moment. Some of the characters of Temple Run are slightly better compare to the lower tier characters that are already unlock. To get the better character in temple run you would have to go throughout the game by achieving achievements:

Below here are the nine unlock able characters for Temple Run:

  • Guy Dangerous -You starting character for temple run already – Unlock
  • Scarlett Fox -To get Scarlett Fox, You would need to have at least 10,000 coin to unlock her
  • Barry Bones- Barry is a cop that makes him permanent invinciblity. To Get Barry you would need to have 10,000 coins to get achieve him and he is also one of the faster characters in the game.
  • Karma Lee- Cost 25,000 coins, Karma’s long legs make her superfast.
  • Montana Smith- Collect 25,000 coins to achieve the character Montana Smith.
  • Francisco Montoya- Collect 25,000 coins to achieve Francisco Montoya character in Temple Run.
  • Zach Wonder- Collect 25,000 coins to achieve Zach Wonder character.
  • In Temple Run there is a rumor that a newly unlocked Temple Run Characters will get more bonuses and powerups than previous characters.


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19 comments on “Characters of Temple Run

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  2. عمر صندل on said:


  3. Indeed, I look forward to meeting you.

  4. I HATE CHEESE on said:

    I like cheese too! :3 I guess I’m going to heaven to meet u when I die!

  5. Barry bones isn’t invincible he dies more than anyone else and if u ask me hes not faster he’s slower p.s. i like cheese

  6. Im THE MAN on said:

    WTF? Nine Characters Can you Count Huh? and besides who are those 2 characters DLC (downloadable content)? HUH?

  7. Anonymous on said:

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  8. An intelligent life form on said:

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  9. Dolev Gandler on said:

    Can you not count?! Theres only seven

  10. Amer Salh on said:

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  11. I need football player

  12. falcon on said:

    Barry Bones is Permanently invincible to what? Monkeys eat him if you trip twice, and he runs into stuff just like anyone else

  13. 10,000 coins is the cheapest other than Guy who’s free

  14. Hello is there any cheaper characters?
    LOL megs

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