Temple Run Mod – Coin Multiplier & Infinite Angel Wings

| January 10, 2012 | 11 Comments

For This Mod to work you would need: to add this to: Cydia source: imodgame.appspot.com
Please use Temple Run Mod (V2) for the latest game version.
refresh your Cydia databse, do this:

1. Open Cydia.

2. Go to Changes.

3. Tap refresh.

Enter:Cydia repo: imodgame.appspot.com

Temple Run is a enormously popular iphone mobile game. So to the wishes of our readers, we have collected the best Temple Run secrets, marks and consulting together for you in this article. We hope that the endless running game will be even more fun for you if you play all the great advice and tips we have pulled together to read. This shouldn’t work for the android or other phone without Cydia. Run fast like a Ferrari/Lamborghini in Temple Run!

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11 comments on “Temple Run Mod – Coin Multiplier & Infinite Angel Wings

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  5. Help on said:

    Ok I downloaded the mod but how do I put the mod into action I can’t seem to understand it

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