Temple Run Tips To Get HighScore!

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Temple Run is a fairly straightforward game, that being said, it may take a while to get master it. The purpose of temple run is to run as far as possible, without dropping into an ever-slope or fall of water into the fire, wood, or a gap.

There are no real bad guys on Temple Square, with the exception of the evil masked monkey Run [from Agrinthorn] that you will hunt, if you make a mistake – and eat you if you slip back. These guys wear after a while – but you continue to hunt.

The real headache is all barrages of blockades, patched the game progresses.

There are four important ones:

Firewalls – you have to either jump or glide over.
Wood-slips – If you hit them, you stumble, but you will not die. But if you travel back and the monkeys are behind you, they eat you.
Wooden walls – Got to slide below them, smacking off of them will  lead to death.
The Endless Water – Generally, you need a 90 degrees each time you come to a turning point. You can do this by flicking on the screen. Otherwise will result in a dip in the water.

In Temple Run they have a power up items to help you along the way, they can be pick up in some nice little parcels. You can also collect coins/gold, which may help you in unlocking new adventurous character, and upgrade for increases health regeneration and better packages.

Here are the 4 power ups in Temple Run:

Gold Coins – If you pick this power up, you will get money.
Magnet – While using the Magnet power up, all of the coins that you see will fly toward you. If you have upgraded the magnet, the coins are more valuable to.
Invisibility – you can walk through fire, wood and it would do nothing to you. But you  must resist going into the water =).
Speed ​​/ Invisibility -  Giving you a boost in speed, then a little invisibility.

How to Get a Highscore!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way that I use consistently use in order to achieve the best score.

Tips #1 Score> Coins – If you are starting to get a good score try to forget the coins. Focus on only aiming a higher score. The coins will come if you keep on going. So basically, you do not push your runner to the side of the game, try keeping your runner in the middle.

Tips #2 Slide-hop Slide – Basically, you’ll sometimes slip through a barrier, then there is a gap immediately after. Fear not! You can hop right after you and take your character in moving from his stubborn position to jump.

Tips #3 Danger, High SpeedsAfter you’ve used the speed upgrade you will have a few seconds with invisibility and normal speed. During this time, the game may automatically move you around the board, to fit their needs. If you’re too hectic and move your player when he is still in invisibility, the game may glitch and you will be sent into the water. It’s better if you just wait until invisibility is completely eradicated, then you start playing.

Tips #4 Double Jump – In temple run you can find that if you run into a difficult task of double jumping in between two gaps. Normally, you’re allowed one second to flick twice, or you fall into the water. Diligence is what you need, to be able to quickly understand you must jump twice.

Tips #5  Speeds – You can buy high speed for an amount of coins, I think it’s 2500 for the small-speed and 10000 for the large. They’re pointless and once you’ve finished you’re running faster than you would be at regular pace, so technically, you’ll be gaining more speed than you usually would.

Tips #6 Coin  Collecting EarlyAt the start of the first 3000 meters, it’s alot easier to collect the coins and this will get you at least 300 coins in each round. I would try to get every coin, before it gets too hard. Collecting any coins will also add bonus total score for your highscore.

After awhile on getting your highscore, you would have a serious cramp in my hand/wrist. LOL

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    Some of you guys should watchh your languagee.. Kids Read This Stuff You Know ??? Gee Wizz Anonoynumuss !!!
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    Then you get some water, and swollow it :D

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    Its fun too play with and easy to download

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    Same here! I wish I had the time and engery to work out that much, but I guess we’re both in the same boat..my body isn’t made for that either!Running three times a week sounds good for a HM! Did you cross train in between those days?

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    Temple Run SUCKS jkjkjk its fun

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    Temple Run is so adicting and fun whats your proble just chill and it is so worth it

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    I downloaded Temple Run last night and it was the first time for me to play and I got 1000m and i nearly crapped myself. Now i play on the way to school and on the way home.

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    Do not download temple run count down apps. They are fake! Go to facebook and like TempleRun, they will write when i comes to android

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    Imm still waiting why can’t I download the gamees

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