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Temple Run 2 cheats – Without Jailbreak! Infinite Coins Hack! Unlimited Money! for iPhone/iPod/iPad

In the popular iPhone game Temple Run 2, you can unlock cool items and upgrades them by using two virtual currencies, coins and gems, both acquired through play or real money for in-app purchases. In this sense, there is a way to quickly acquire an infinite amount of coins, without spending money on it, or […]

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Temple Run Tips To Get HighScore!

Temple Run is a fairly straightforward game, that being said, it may take a while to get master it. The purpose of temple run is to run as far as possible, without dropping into an ever-slope or fall of water into the fire, wood, or a gap. There are no real bad guys on Temple […]

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Temple Run Cheats “No Jailbreak/Hack Required” Infinite Money Glitch

Temple Run cheats without all the rubbish download, just go to options turn tutorial on. and when it gets to the first four corners swipe twice fast. your screen should sort of flip, then you get an endless run which you just leave your iphone as the points rack up. If you get a boost […]

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Temple Run: Oz Cheats

Temple Run Oz cheat- BILLION/ INFINITY Coins and gem WITHOUT jailbreak FOR FREE!!! For iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPod touch 5, 4 iPad 2, 3, 4 1. Download Diskaid 2. Download the following file:… 3. Drag content of file into the Diskaid Application under the “Temple Run: Oz” section. What’s New in Version […]

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Temple Run 2 Tips & Hints to Get Best Highscore For iPhone/Android/iPad!!

Temple Run 2 Tips One of the most important thing is the Green Gems, because they’re used to restart the game. Tip: Complete goals to level up. Here you can earn rewards and access to new power-ups. Complete goals to level up. Here you can earn rewards and access to new power-ups. Tilt your Android/iPhone […]

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Temple Run – Android Coin Hack

Temple Run Coin Money Cheat Hack. Temple Run for Android Hack. This Temple Run Cheat video will show you how to Hack you coins or money on the Android version of Temple Run. * Must be rooted! * Get gamecih at Learn how to root your specific device at: Hack the amount of […]

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Chuck Norris vs Temple Run Funny Video

There’s only one person that can find the end of an endless running game: Chuck.

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Temple run and unlimited coin Cheats

best score: 2,147,483,647 best coin score: 2,147,483,647 best distance score: 2,147,483,647 life time plays: 2,147,483,639 life time coins; 2,147,483, 530 life time distance: 2,147,482,038 and leave the rest as it is and don’t put comma between the numbers. Temple run 1.0 iFile: iap cracker:

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Gravity Guy Unlockable – Achievements

Gravity Guy unlockable/cheats for ipod/iphone! Gravity Guy is a runner game like Temple Run! Unlockable How to Unlock 10 checkpoints Pass 10 consecutive checkpoints without dying 100 endless runs Play 100 runs in endless mode 20 checkpoints hero Pass 20 consectuive checkpoints without dying 250 endless runs Play 250 runs in endless mode 3 checkpoints […]

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Gravity Guy Online game like Temple Run

JavaScript must be enabled to play this game. Two game modes Story and Practice In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy, was held captive for defying the rules. Not happy, he decided to escape, being the first one to run for his life flipping gravity at will.

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Pocket Climber Alternative to Temple Run

Pocket Climber iPhone App Video Download Link: Are you ready to get high?! Test your vertical limit with the most extreme Parkour orientated game of 2012 (Pocket Climber). Using your finger to swipe and slide, guide your character up the walls of danger riddled skyscrapers. Dodge your way past angry tenants and their arsenal […]

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Temple Run Brave Cheat With Cydia Guide

1. Go to cydia 2. add source 3. install iAP Cracker 4. You’re pretty much done. Just tap the in-app purchase you want and you’ll get it for free 5. If it asks for your itunes username and password, DONT BUY THE IN-APP PURCHASE. that means it didn’t work for you. #2 Cheat Video […]

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‘Temple Run game’ hit 100 million downloads for iPhone and Android

The hit mobile game Temple Run has reached another huge milestone: 100 million downloads. In an announcement released Thursday, Imangi Studios revealed the game has hosted over 10 billion sessions as it arrived in Apple’s App Store this past year today. “We never imagined that the overall game we were making and loved can be […]

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Temple Run Brave Achievements Lists

Here are some of the Achievements that you can get for Temple Run Brave! Novice Runner – Run 500 meters Allergic to Gold – 1000m collecting no coins Athelete – Run 2500 meters Steady Feet – Run 2500m without tripping 5K runner – Run 5000 meters Pocket Change – Collect 100 coins Lump Sum – […]

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